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  • Hua Hin Activities and Fun
  • What to Do in Hua Hin

    Hua Hin has lots of fun activities on offer apart from spending lazy days on the beach resting and recuperating, and visiting its attractions. Shopping is always a winner, and Hua Hin’s markets are the perfect places to shop for souvenirs and the beautifully made crafts Thai people are so famous for. The seaside town also plays host to a number of big events throughout the year, like the Hua Hin Jazz Festival, and water sport enthusiasts are spoiled for choice with a wide variety of activities. It’s also one of the few places in Thailand where you can go horse riding along the beach.  

    Kite surfing

    Hua Hin is Thailand’s best destination for kitesurfing. A fortuitous combination of wind from nearby islands and flat, shallow water make it a great place to both learn and to enjoy the sport. For those who are new to the sport there are numerous schools that offer introduction classes, most lasting three days.

    Water sports

    For kids, banana boat rides offer hours of fun and shrieks, while grown-ups can enjoy water sport activities like water-skiing, sailing, windsurfing, and parasailing. With the beaches here being so wide an open – and almost never really crowded – how about a game of Frisbee or beach volleyball? There’s also snorkeling, kayaking (at a nearby national park) and diving excursions can be arranged. If these sound like all the ingredients of a perfect beach break, you’re absolutely right! We do not, however, recommend the use of jet-skis because of their environmental toll and the several scams that are perpetrated by the owners.


    Pampering and revitalizing oneself at a spa is high on the agenda of many visitors to Thailand. All spas provide revitalizing treatments that can include massage, reflexology, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, acupressure, body wraps, re-contouring and a variety of specialized treatments for hair, skin and face.

    Many spas also have restaurants attached with \\\\\\\'spa cuisine\\\\\\\' menus designed to control weight and to provide a healthy diet that is balanced and nutritious. Most of the spas around Hua Hin are connected to hotels and resorts, but there are a few stand alone places without accommodation.

    Elephant Trekking

    For some Indiana Jones-style adventure, elephant trekking is a fun pursuit in Thailand. Used for centuries as a means of transportation and survival and still to the present day, for Elephants can traverse just about any terrain regardless of how steep or treacherous, it is.

    Visitors should bear in mind that routes have been planned with simplicity and scenery in mind. A broad wooden bench is put over the elephant’s back, on which you sit while the mahout (elephant trainer) sits on the neck and guides the trail. A good route is up in the mountains overlooking Hua Huin where you meet sensational views.

    Elephant Polo

    Adapted from equestrian polo, this amusing sport was founded in 1982 in Nepal, coming to Thailand in 2001 much to the joy of residents and visitors. It is now an annual event (usually in September) and if you are in Hua Hin at that time of year you must try to see it. Each Elephant carries a polo player and a mahout.

    The mahout directs the Elephant using his voice, hands, feet or a goad. The umpire of the game oversees the play from a wooden howdah on the back of the large

    Horse Rides

    There’s something terribly exciting about riding a horse on a beach, and it’s probably got something to do with the fact that there are so few beaches around on which you’re allowed to do so. For little people there are ponies at both Hua Hin and Cha-Am’s beaches, as well as proper horses. These are not wild horses that will gallop off at terrifying speeds leaving clouds of dust behind – they’re very tame and well trained to offer visitors an enjoyable experience. st elephant; it’s all pretty unique and really good fun to both watch and participate in.


    Hua Hin’s world-class golf courses have all the makings of any golfer’s dream experience. Set amongst spectacular scenery, designed by legends like Jack Nicklaus and often offering a real challenge to golfing skills, a round at any of these specially-selected courses will be a reminder of all the reasons why you took up golf in the first place.

    Bicycle and motorbike rental

    Although the area is well catered for in terms of public transport and taxis there is something about having your own mode of transport that offers a real sense of freedom. There are numerous places around Khao Takiab were you can rent either a push or a motor bike. Unlike some other areas of Thailand, particularly Bangkok, the roads here are pretty orderly and clear, for the confident cyclist and driver this area is a pleasure to drive in.

    Once on the road you have the freedom to explore the stunning landscape at your own pace, and embark on a day of adventure heading off the beaten path in hope of discovering some undocumented gems.


    A few beachfront hotels and guesthouses offer kayak rentals and they are particularly popular around this stretch of bay due to the attractive headland surrounding Khoa Takiab. If beach lounging begins to get boring then take to a kayak, the surrounding waters are perfect for a bit of independent adventure and what’s more great for catching the sun while working out.

    Camp Palapon

    Founded on the principle of providing the basis for mental and physical harmony, by blending scientifically proven Eastern and Western disciplines, Palapon is a holistic fitness centre that offers both short and long term courses. Here you can learn and practice everything from martial arts including Kung Fu and Muay Thai. Other ancient practices offered here include mediation and yoga classes.

    Thai Boxing (Muay Thai)
    There are two places in Hua Hin to watch Thai Boxing , a sport that involves ‘punching’ with elbows , knees and feet as much as with the hands. Matches are held at the Grand Hotel on Thursday and Sunday nights and at Mr.Chop Rawee’s Thai Boxing Garden near the City Beach Hotel on Tuesday and Friday. The matches at both venues begin at 9.00 PM and finish up a little before midnight.

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